Holistic Healing & Herbs in the Wild

Holistic Healing and Herbs in the Wild,Carlingford Lough and the Mournes Co Down

As you walk along the highways and byeways,there is a plant beside your every footfall that is either a medicine or a food.They are free, come and learn about them.

The Herb Walks: You will uncover and learn to identify many edible and medicinal plants that grow wild on Slieve Foy in the Cooley Mountains, in the hedgerows and fields and along the seashore of Carlingford Lough.

The Herbs Talks: An introduction to plant mystery, history, and folklore, analysis of common wild foods and herbs, recipes for teas, and before your leave prepare and cook a meal from wild foraged food, garnished with a wild crafted cream. 

Learn the basics of holistic healing where nature is the classroom


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