Carlingford and Mourne, it's beautiful…

Welcome to Carlingford and Mourne

Carlingford & Mourne is just an hour's drive from Belfast and Dublin. It is spectacularly beautiful. It's mountainous and sea landscape is steeped in mystery, history and mythology and provided the inspiration for The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis.  Its mythology tells of the resting place of the giant Finn McCool, its lands embrace the spirit of the fierce Celtic warrior Cuchulainn and it is home to the faint whisperings of the last leprechauns of Ireland. Here you will find giant's graves, pre-historic sites, dolmens and Norman castles.

It is situated along the coastal route to the Giants Causeway and less than an hour's drive to the 5000 year old tomb at Newgrange. It is the ideal base for you seek a true experience of Ireland and its culture.  

The mountain ranges of Mourne, Cooley, and Gullion, beckon you to explore their splendour on foot, bicycle or horseback, on a variety of looped walks and cycle paths.   Local adventure centres offer you rock climbing, abseiling canoeing, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing in the waters of Carlingford Lough and the Irish Sea. You can charter Lough cruises for angling, or bird-watching. Day coach trips are available to the historical and scenic sites and routes. If its golf you want, there are ten golf courses, parkland and links in the region.  

The area has been awarded the prestigious “European Destination of Excellence” an imprimatur to the visitor of quality and a real cultural experience.     


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